TestimonalsOne of our great patient success stories!! Chiropractic rocks!!!!! Way to go Brett! Restoring the body/nervous system to 💯% function naturally is the best!

“I have struggled with dizziness and motion sickness since I was a child. I haven’t been able to ride in a car my whole life without feeling dizzy or nauseous. My parents took me to every doctor and specialist. I had every test the doctors could think of, still no answers. Then my mom happened to talk with my aunt about the chiropractor she was seeing for her pain. My aunt said how it was really helping her. My mom gave Dr. Greg’s office a call. He fit me into the schedule right away. After x-rays and a consultation, Dr. Greg had a plan about what he thought might help my condition. Both my mom and I were very skeptical but we were willing to try anything at this point. His treatment has helped a lot. I am no longer dizzy or nauseous. I have continued to see Dr. Greg and do the exercises he prescribes. I would recommend Dr. Greg’s practice to anyone.”



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